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Welcome at ITForum.be

These topics are currently covered by ITforum.be:

Business Applications:

Information Management:

Operating Systems, Infrastructure
and Networking:

Software Development:


Seminars about these topics organized by I.T. Works:
Enterprise Portals (12 February 2004) Enterprise Content Management (19 February 2004)
Business Productivity & Collaboration (4 March 2004)
Search & Retrieval Solutions (11 March 2004)
Informatieanalyse en Logisch Databaseontwerp (17-18-19 March 2004)
Fysiek Databaseontwerp (2-3 Juni 2004)
Ontwerpen van de Nieuwe Generatie Datawarehouses (25-26 November 2003)
Server & Storage Consolidation (18 February 2004)
.NET Executive Overview (14-15 January 2004)
Developing XML Applications in the Java/J2EE Platform (21 January 2004)
Enterprise Web Architectures in Java/J2EE (22 January 2004)
Service-Oriented Architectures with .NET (29 January 2004)
Pragmatic Development using .NET (4 February 2004)
.NET for Mobile Applications (19 February 2004)
Application Security in .NET (4 March 2004)
J2EE Technology Overview (date in 2004 to be announced)
Application Security in .NET (4 March 2004)
Access & Identity Management (10 March 2004)

ITforum.be is the on-line community of I.T. Works, the leading organizer of IT seminars for IT professionals.

This site offers an overview of the best Web resources for learning more and staying up to date about the most important IT topics.

We invite you to browse these sites for information, suggest additions that may be useful for your colleagues, and cooperate with us to make this a valuable resource for IT professionals like you. 

ir. Patrick Van Renterghem
I.T. Works (Belgium)